Montreal New Years is owned and operated by Montreal Nightlife

In numbers:

  • 2001, year we started operations
  • 2 travel licences, operating across North America
  • 2 offices, one in Montreal and one in Toronto
  • 300 000 clients serviced
  • $0 mark ups. Our clients pay exactly what they would pay if they paid the venues themselves.
  • 1 unique advantage : our in-depth knowledge of this beautiful city.

Think about it: deal with an agency that has its roots in Montreal, and you will get the BEST of Montreal: nightlife, entertainment, nightlife, hotspots, and attractions.

Our goal is to understand exactly what our client wants and then to advise, reserve, and accommodate. Every option is available with Montreal Nightlife.


  • Le prix INCLUS toutes les taxes
  • AUCUN frais de service
  • AUCUN frais de carte de crédit
  • AUCUN frais postaux.
  • Vous ne payez qu'un petit acompte de 20% à 40% pour réserver votre billet
  • Vous payez le solde lors de la cueillette de vos billets
  • Paiements en ligne sécurisés pour les cartes de crédit des États-Unis et du Canada
  • Récupérer des billets papiers
  • Livraison facultative au centre-ville de Montréal

Free Ticket Reservation Service

This is how simple it is:

  1. Select your party among the most extensive list available for Montreal.
  2. A 10%-40% deposit will be charged to your credit card to reserve your ticket(s). Supperclub tickets must be paid in full.
  3. The balance will be payable upon picking up your ticket(s). Example: if your ticket is priced at $85, you pay a $10 deposit now via your credit card to reserve it, and you pay the $75 balance when you pick it up.
  4. If you are traveling with Montreal Nightlife, your tickets will be included in your welcome package.

That's it. No surcharges, no gimmicks, no hidden fees.

You only pay for your ticket when you have it in your hands!

Ticket Reservation Terms & Conditions

Upon reservation, a non refundable and non transferable deposit per ticket will be applied to your credit card. This amount is a deposit and IS NOT a service fee. It will be deducted from the outstanding balance you will pay us when you pick up your tickets.

For example, if the party tickets are sold at $85, you pay a $10 deposit now with your credit card to reserve them, and you pay the $75 balance when you pick them up.

Non transferable: you cannot change parties once you book the tickets. If you do, the deposit will NOT be applied to the new ticket purchase.

If a party is cancelled: you will be able to transfer your deposit to another party. However, if the party is cancelled after you pick up your tickets, the refunding of your ticket will be the responsibility of the party promoter.

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