for Montreal New Year's Eve 2025

Lowest Price Guaranteed

If you have what you think is a lower quote from elsewhere, send it to us at, we'll show you how much you'll save with us.

People who shop around sometimes call us asking “What's the catch?”

There is no catch.

In 15 years we developed a system with lot of automation that allows us to process an increasing volume of travellers with little overhead. This way, we only focus on our client needs and not tourism bureaucracy, solving issues before they become problems.

Over the years, we became the biggest New Years Eve operator in Montreal, allowing us to negotiate the best rates on hotels for our guest and share the savings with you. We even book our hotel rooms for next year 12 months in advance, to make sure we have the best deal and enough rooms for all our guests.

Think it's cheaper to just book a room with Expedia?

Expedia can't beat the rates we have negotiated directly with Montreal hotels.

Our hotel room rates are so low that we aren't allowed to publish them on the web. You'll have to email us at or call us at 1-855-976-5701 and we'll show you how much you'll save.

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