for Montreal New Year's Eve

Airbnb for New Years Eve -- Be Careful!

Airbnbs may seem like a great savings, but booking someone else’s apartment in an unknown city can screw up your New Years Eve.

The most important surprise to avoid: WRONG LOCATION.

That is, outside of Downtown Montreal. Make sure you avoid these rentals at ALL COSTS!

Most properties are listed as the “Greater Montreal area”. That spans 30x20 kms (15x10 miles).

That is up to 40 minutes from downtown Montreal, and a taxi/Uber will cost up to $40 each way, per 4 people in your group. We’ve had groups spend over $600 in fares! Plus add in the time spent waiting / finding enough taxis for the whole group and you've got yourself a crappy NYE!

But more importantly, taxis and ubers are in VERY HIGH demand on New Years Eve, and if you're outside the downtown area you may have to wait a very long time to have one come to you -- if it comes at all.

We host thousands of party-goers every year and some choose to stay outside downtown Montreal. We've had some of these clients miss the midnight countdown because their taxi never showed up! NYE is crazy in Montreal!

Airbnb on New Years Eve? Forget it. You will be stranded.

So stick to the downtown perimeter:

We rent ENTIRE FLOORS in downtown hotels for our guests. So on top of getting the best rates, you won't be confined to a spare room next to a sleeping family with 3 children. And you won't have to worry about being too noisy when you get back at 4am.

With our hotels, you're right in the middle of the action, all weekend. And you can keep the party going once you get back to your hotel room!

We've got hotel packages starting at $199/person -- including "Open Bar" party tickets!!

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