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Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Open Bar"?
Open Bar means you don't need to pay for alcohol! Just go to any bar in the venue and ask for a drink.

Check the ticket description to see if states "Tips Included" or "Gratuity Included". If not, you'll need to leave a $1 tip for each drink.
Is "Open Bar" guaranteed? Or can the club unexpectedly "run out" of alcohol?
No, this doesn't happen with the parties we sell. It may happen with some no-name parties nobody's ever heard of, but we don't sell those.
What does "Early bird" / "Advance" mean?
These are price levels. Ticket prices start low in Oct/Nov and increase the closer it gets to Dec 31. The least expensive are "Early Bird", then "Advance", then "Regular".
What are "Line Bypass" tickets?
Line Bypass tickets are more exclusive -- they let you skip the regular line up so that you don't freeze your butt off outside in the cold waiting to get in.

New Year's in Montreal is very busy and there will be lineups if you don't arrive early. If you arrive late you may barely make it in in time for the midnight celebration. Line Bypass tickets are the quick and easy way in.
If I don't have a "Line Bypass ticket" is there a chance I won't get into the club?
You will get in no matter what type of ticket you have. If you want to get in by the midnight countdown make sure to arrive early.
What is "Bottle Service" / "Bottle Packages"?
These packages get you your own reserved area at the club!

Compare the pricing per person because Bottle service and Packages are usually a great deal! For a little more than the price of a ticket you get your own table! And bottles of alcohol are included so you don't have to wait in line at the bar trying to get a drink. And you have your own waitress to bring you refills. These spots are great for inviting over girls (or guys) you meet at the club.
Why are bottle packages superior to open bar tickets?
The price tag might seem high at first, but when you do the math of dividing it by the number of people you'll split the bill with, it’s just a little bit more expensive than an open bar.

If you never tried bottle service at a nightclub before, it's your opportunity to party like a professional. Instead of having to spend long time waiting in line at the bar (open bar = lot of people want their free drinks), have your own bottles of alcohol (with ice and mixers) in your own private VIP section at the party. You arrive and your bottles are waiting for you. Trust us, you’ll have more to drink this way than with open bar and more for your money than paying for each individual drinks.
What is "VIP Treatment"?
"VIP treatment" is usually equivalent to "Open Bar" but may or may not include more perks. This is not a standard ticket category so each party will be different. Be sure to check the ticket / party description for the details.
What is a "Supperclub"?
Supperclubs are trendier, upscale restaurants that start the evening with a sit-down dinner and then remove the tables to transition into a club.
What is a "Speakeasy"?
Speakeasy clubs are small, more intimate, almost invitation-only clubs. Kinda like a lounge, but not quite. If you've never heard of the term, you're better off sticking to the regular clubs as Speakeasys are not for everyone.
Which clubs have a dedicated VIP section?
In Montreal, clubs rarely have roped off or dedicated sections called VIP. You will have a dedicated table and space. Having no rope means you can invite "friends" you meet to your table area without worrying about bouncers checking passes or bracelets.
Can I cancel my order and get my deposit refunded?
No, there are no refunds. All sales are final.
Can a different person pick up tickets for me?
Yes, but they must bring a copy of the receipt and must provide 2 pieces of ID.
Do I need to bring a printed receipt with me?
A printed receipt will be quicker for us to process and allow you to get your tickets quicker.

Alternatively, you can show us the emailed receipt on your phone along with 2 pieces of ID.
Can we buy tickets at the pickup locations?
If you want to chance it -- no promises.

This will depend on how much inventory we have at that location. Prices may be higher as well if the party is close to selling out. CASH ONLY.

PLEASE NOTE: we can not answer any inquiries on availability at a location via phone/email/sms -- you have to show up and ask one of our reps onsite. We cannot hold tickets for you unless you make an order via the website.
Special rules for Supperclub tickets
  • Entry/dinner tickets:
    • Your receipt will serve as your proof of purchase. Please print out your receipt and bring it with you or have the receipt email ready on your phone. Be sure to have photo ID.
    • Supperclub tickets are non-cancellable and non-transferable.
  • Bottle packages:
    • Supperclub bottle packages require a deposit at booking, and the balance to be paid on Dec 30 or 31st, at one of our ticket pickup locations (specific location chosen during checkout).
    • Supperclub bottle packages are non-cancellable and non-transferable.

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